Friday, June 05, 2009

Spring Flowers; Peonies

I've been trying to paint the peonies that I saw this week. They were the single petal type and remind me of poppies. The first ones I painted are tight and hard edged, which was OK but I long for a looser style. Nothing gets me painting loose like Yupo, so I threw some paint on some Yupo and think the first results are quite fun. I may play around with it some more and if I do, I'll be posting any additions that I make.


  1. Both of these are good. I love to do peonies too, and they're difficult, I'm wanting to try that Yupo so much and don't know where to find it? Michaels, online? keep on paintin'

  2. Like the peonies on Yupo. I like the loose watercolor style - that's why I am glad to have discovered Yupo. Did you use quite a thick mixture of watercolor paint for this one? Thanks for the tip of using rubbing alcohol for cleaning and reusing Yupo.

  3. Yupo is a wonderful surface to paint on. So glad I found your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine. Blessings!



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