Thursday, July 15, 2010

Artichokes, part 3

I worked some more on my artichoke painting in class on Tuesday. It's coming along slowly. My plan is to work the back ground with some abstract linear elements so that the artichokes don't look like they're floating in space. After three posts on these artichokes it's going to be very frustrating if it doesn't turnout like I hope it does. I'm hopeful for something "enterable" but if it doesn't work out, I have enjoyed the journey so far and I will likely paint this subject more than once.

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  1. You know I like those poopies, lol! but wow I love the way this is looking.. These colors, the softness of this is exactly what I try to achieve in my watercolor, but a real struggle to achieve. Beautiful piece. Thanks for stopping by my blog. BJ



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