Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Poppies, 9x9
This little painting was started awhile ago. First it was just a background needing a subject. I thought I would paint it as a diamond but I think it looks better straight, besides, I found it was impossible to photograph and crop a diamond shape. I sort of like the windswept feel of the blossoms. I worked on it in between working on the artichoke painting. So much of watercolor is waiting for paint to dry thoroughly before you go on to the next step. It's good to have another painting handy.


  1. You have a nice feel for watercolor. Your work is very expressive. Just lovely.

  2. You probably know by now that pooppies are my favorite, I paint a lot of them. These are beautiful, I love the delicate look and the bleeding soft edges,,, good 'stuff'

  3. ok ok , so poopies or poppies you know what i!



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