Sunday, October 09, 2011

Brushes Still Wet

                        Yellow Daisies in a Blue Vase, watercolor, 5 X 7

So far my plan is working. My painting table is still cleared off and my brushes are ready to go. I love working with blue and yellow so I took these daisy like flowers from a supermarket bouquet and put them in a little blue vase. Working with small containers is a trick I learned from Ann Abgott. It takes fewer flowers, cherries or whatever you are painting in a still life set up if you work small. It seems to simplify things as well. The copy of my painting came out with much darker yellows than are on the painting and the upper left corner should be white. Since I copied it by scanning maybe there is something I can tweak on the scanner. If any bloggers out there have an idea about this please leave a comment. All comments are appreciated.

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  1. Love the color combination and of course, daisies are my favorite flower.



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