Wednesday, February 15, 2012

                             Batik Pink Orchids 11x13, watercolor batik

This is my second painting that I did using the wax batik method. It's painted on kenwashi paper which is thin and has a lot of threads visible in it. It was painted over a year ago but I just got it framed for the last show, hoping for a sale but it's still with me.
I have another workshop to participate in this week. It's being taught by Sue Pink. Sue does interesting abstracts on paper using acrylics and watercolor and a whole list of supplies which I have yet to assemble. So this post will be short for now. Look for some new material soon!


  1. Oooh! this is so pretty, and good for you for going out there and trying all sorts of techniques. Something I should do more often.

  2. i love these's a wonderful idea and i have some in my studio so am off to give it a try! thanks for the inspire!!



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