Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy Season

                                         Paris Flowers, Watercolor and collage

OK, I know I've shown this one before but it won a second place in our local art show so I thought I'd show it again. It's a very busy time right now because it's the "season" when all the northern visitors are here to get out of the winter doldrums. So, there are art shows and art sales going on every week it seems. Also, art workshops are a constant draw on my time. I just finished a workshop with Janet King so I have been painting, I just don't have anything finished to photograph and put on the blog. I read the blogs that I follow and comment when I have time. I have another workshop this week, I hope that I can get something finished to get on the blog soon.

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I started watercolor painting earnestly in 1991 after I moved to Florida. My husband and I are retired, and we are both artists. We both have works displayed  at the Wildchild Gallery in Matlacha Florida.