Friday, August 03, 2012

Lots of Layers

                               Happy Walk, 15X22, Mixed media

This has so many layers of stuff on it I've lost track. It was an old painting that I covered with torn pieces of hand painted tissue. I thought the surface was too blotchy so I put a thin layer of gesso on it. I tried a rather geometric abstract on it in watercolor and wasn't happy with that either. By now I have nothing to loose so I just began to play with colors and stamps and collage. Finally I stopped when it was a painting I liked.  Along the way I had collaged the words happy and walk. This made me think of Psalms 1, so at the end I collaged that below it towards the bottom right. I'm still looking at it to decide if I'm really finished, but I think I am.


  1. How exciting to find a painting in a "lost" painting! Gorgeous colors!

  2. It looks finished to me. It is beautiful - colorful, interesting and balanced. Very nice!

  3. This is one of my favorite ways to create...when you just keep adding on and you just have a hunch when it's complete. I love the surprises that result (like "happy" and "walk" occurring together) and how those associations can birth an overall concept.

    Lovely work.



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