Friday, September 07, 2012

Wet Brushes?

I haven't posted anything for such a long time. Guess whose brushes have not been wet? It's been a ridiculously busy summer but now fall is about to show up, classes will start, things will get back on schedule. In the meantime, next week I'll be attending the Florida Watercolor Society convention in Orlando. I didn't enter this year so I'm not in it but I love to see those paintings that did get juried in, meet up with fellow artists and browse at the trade show. I hope to get back in the groove with the blogging this month. I have tried to keep up with everyone else who have been posting. The best tip I picked up this month is it has great information for watercolorists. Thanks!


  1. Joy just read your comment on my blog about quinacridone gold. Your right everyone I try is different. Sennelier was muddy, and I think WN is very yellow..
    I forgot all about the Watercolor convention.
    Darn ... I meant to write you last week and maybe meet you there.. I'm assuming it was this weekend? I'll go look now. BJ

  2. Dear Janet: Here's the perfect thing to help wet your brushes...please join us Oct 20 in downtown St. Petersburg for Paint the Library 2012! A Plein Air Painting Festival at Mirror Lake Library, 280 5th St N.

    visit for all information. Hope to see you there with wet brushes!

    Wayne Finley, 813-767-5503



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