Sunday, September 23, 2012

Journal Pages

Since I'm in between painting projects and I want to do more painting everyday, I've decided to start a daily painting journal. I can experiment with different paints and techniques. I can try out some stamps that I have in my collection and some that I have made. I've decided there will be no rules except to paint often and to have more fun. The fish stamps I made from a piece of foam egg carton. I will be making more of those, they are so easy to imprint with a pattern using a ball point pen and can be cut out with a scissors. I hope these pages will be a motivator to do larger paintings.
Last week end I was at the Florida Watercolor Society convention. I went to lots of demonstrations and especially enjoyed the one given by the show juror, Nicholas Simmons. He said we need to think and paint larger. It's the large paintings that grab the attention and we need to think of museum size not local  exhibition size. I may have to clean off some space on my painting table, it does tend to get cluttered. In the meantime, I'm off to do more journal pages.

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  1. Oh, you'll have fun with this! I've been doing an art journal for awhile, and it's so freeing! Enjoy!



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