Sunday, August 24, 2014


Going With the Flow 
Collage, 8 X 8

I've been on  quite a collage kick again lately. I'm surely addicted to the medium. I love working with the colors and patterns on the papers, the assembly, and making order out of what seems to be chaos. This was made with hand painted papers, text, stamped, and altered National Geographic papers. Out of my stacks of papers I pick two or three colors I want to work with, decide what kind of composition it will be, then I start tearing and placing papers until I get something I like. I didn't know it needed a fish until it was almost finished. This is stamped from my own hand carved fish stamp with copper acrylic on a thin paper. Next I wipe over the collage with acrylic paint and then wipe it off. This colors all the white edges of the papers and unifies the piece. If you enlarge the picture you should be able to make out fish images in the blue area above the stamped fish behind the net effect. They are all headed the same direction, going with the flow. The final step is to coat it with a UV varnish to preserve the colors. It can then be matted and framed or adhered to a gallery canvas or wood panel.


  1. Wow. Collage may be your medium!

  2. Jan, I've had a legal name change. You knew me as Fran Gillette, owner of ArtBeat in Cape Coral. I found you through Leslie Saeta's challenge! I live in North Port now.

    1. I've wondered what happened to you! Thanks for contacting me. Are you doing the 30 day challenge? If so, I'll look for your work.



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