Monday, September 01, 2014

Day 1, 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

I'm going to participate in the 30 Day Challenge again. I plan to do my collage "paintings" as well as some watercolor and mixed media. My theme is "My Neck of the Woods", mostly focusing on Florida scenes but I will be doing a lot of non-objective pieces as well so I'm not being ridged about it. 
Time Span 
Collage 3.5 X 4.5

I've been learning how to make papers with National Geographic magazines and Citrasolv, a natural cleaning product. It dissolves the ink and makes one able to manipulate it into interesting, random patterns. All the papers in this little collage were made this way, coated with gloss medium and heat fused to 140 pound watercolor paper. It was then enhanced with acrylic paint and coated with another layer of medium.


  1. Hi Jan, so far your the only one I know on the 30 in 30. Like your technique with this paper, but I will stick to my w/c. Are we having fun yet?
    Well we'll see along about the 10th day. I didn't do this before. My hardest time was posting it to the blog, but once I got it ... I think I'll be ok from now on.. The only problem I see with the site is the last row on the right is chopped of a bit.. don't know if that's just on my monitor..
    Good luck, see you there tomorrow.

  2. You are welcome to join and/or follow my Pinterest board of all the artists participating in the Leslie Saeta "30 in 30" challenge. Just send me your email so that i can send you an invitation.

    Thank you!

  3. Love your image and Process!!! Gorgeous! And I particularly love your statement pertaining to our Christ!!! Keep up the awesome work -



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