Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Day 24 Sailing the Sound

Sailing the Sound
Collage, Acrylic 5 X 6

I can't let the month go by without doing a sailboat collage. The background is from a tourist brochure with a map of the waterways around the area, the sail boat is from painted tissue. The little sailor is painted in.
The water is pretty shallow, especially in the winter, so I don't think there is too much sailing unless you have a boat with a shallow draft. But I do see lots of sailboats that motor out to the deeper water through the waterways and on the river. It's a very lovely place to sail or motor or paddle a kayak or canoe if you prefer. A day on the water is almost as good as a day making art.


  1. Hey Jan, yes, my subject matter is wearing pretty thin.
    When I start painting frogs you know its pretty bad. Lol !
    We're gonna make it ...can't stop now even if I have to paint a palmetto bug .
    I have paintings coming out of the woodwork here.!!



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