Friday, September 05, 2014

Day 4, 30 In 30 Challenge, Postcard Collages

Collage 4 X 5.5

This collage came together when I was looking for a piece of orange to place in my collage. I spotted this orange with camels on the back of some prepared paper  that had not been affected by the Citrasolv. I like to put in something that is objective now an then and people really like to see something recognizable in an otherwise abstract piece. I have gotten a very positive response to this collage and I think that's why. All the rest of the papers in this collage were magazine pages that were altered with Citrasolv and coated with gloss medium, then heat fused.

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  1. Hi Jan, I really like what you are doing for the 30/30 challenge! Each one you've done is interesting. I really think collage is your "forte". Very nice, indeed.



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