Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Making Collage Art Again

Collage 3 X 5

Collage 3 X 5

Collage 3 X 5

I have a long narrow frame with a mat with 3 openings in which I thought 3 collages would work well. My problem was that I didn't measure the openings before I made the collages. I needed 4 X 6 and, as you can see, I made 3 X 5's. I'll just have to consider them practice and start over. But, I do like the way they turned out so I may be able to find a frame and mat that they will fit into. They are made with printed papers, altered magazine pages, hand painted papers, and acrylic gloss medium on watercolor paper.

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  1. Hi Jan, always love your collages. I've made that same mistake with mat openings..
    I'm feeling ok .. actually going to Biloxi for 4 days over Thanksgiving. A few issues have cropped into my life, like glucose, blood pressure, kidney function?
    Not doing any 'real' painting as you see my sketches, but we get into a slump every once in a while and you too will come through it...We always do !!!
    P.S Do we need another 30 in 30 challenge? LOL !
    Barbra Joan



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