Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Out With the Old

 Butterfly Card

Bird Card

I'm back from our Christmas trip to visit family in Arizona and wanted to finish up the year with a blog post. These are two more alcohol ink experiments on which I stamped. I found that it will take some practice to get the stamp done correctly on these. Since they didn't turn out too clearly I outlined them with silver pen. I think it helped but I'm not sure. Perhaps black would have been better. 
Some bloggers that I follow; Myrna Wacknov and Karen Knutson, both wonderful artists, are setting about to have goals for the new year. It got me thinking that perhaps, for growth, some goals would be a good thing. Myrna says they are not goals unless you write them down. So, with that in mind I'm going to venture forth and commit to some goals of my own. Here I will just state my artistic goals, personal goals will be a more private thing, but I will write them down, which is goal #1.
#2 is to explore of placing a figure or face in my abstract works.
#3 is to work in a larger format, beyond 12 X 12. This for me is very ambitious. I like the instant gratification of small collages and paintings.
#4 is to join and participate in the local Fine Craft Association, something I've said I would do for the last 2 years but haven't done. 

I think 3 art goals are enough for a beginner in writing down goals. Kind of scary for my personality type. 

I signed up for the 30 day Challenge again. What was I thinking?? My January is going to be crazy but if I don't challenge myself, I won't be creating my art. 

Blessings in the new year to all! May your goals all be accomplished and dreams realized.

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  1. Happy New Year Jan.... Your a glutton for punishment that's for sure with the 30 day challenge again ... but your right ... it does push you ..into doing things you wouldn't do.

    I'm pretty busy with painting for the Etsy shop... Made some sales and have had 3 commissions which don't show up on the shop record..
    Any way .. good luck with the challenge... Your collages are so good.. I'm just itching to do some collage work, journals, etc.. But I also have best friends from Biloxi here ( 3 doors away) for 3 weeks.I'll be checking up on you ... so keep your nose to the grindstone..
    Barbra Joan



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