Saturday, January 03, 2015

Triptych, #2. Day 3, 30 in 30 Challenge

Triptych 2

Collage, 4 X 6

The second collage in the Triptych. These collages are made from various papers, a gold tissue paper, hand painted tissue, altered magazine pages, ink jet copies of an acrylic paint palette and copyright free art papers. When you begin doing collage you start to save everything. It's amazing the things you see that you might want to incorporate into a collage; packaging material, single earrings, fortunes from fortune cookies, candy wrappers, old book and music pages, bags from boutiques, and even paint palettes. Everything is altered in some way by being painted or stamped. 
I loved the range of colors on a piece of palette paper from a painting I had been doing so I let it dry and now I make copies of it on my printer to use in collage. See the bottom section on this collage. 


  1. It is wonderful and very inspiring, I will try to incorporate some of this ephemera into my mixed media pieces, too!



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