Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 12- Kitty's Picture Window

Kitty's Picture Window
Alcohol Ink, Acrylic, Stamping and Pen on Yupo

I ended up using a studio full of media for this little 5.5 X 4 painting. The background started out as an alcohol ink which I've been playing with to see what it does. I thought it looked like trees in the distance then decided to make a kitty looking out of a window. She needed something to look at so then came the tree and the little bird stamp. To define the window sill I used black Sharpie, and to make the kitty opaque I ended up using white acrylic and Sharpie outline. I'm learning a lot by painting and experimenting every day.


  1. Yes, me too - trying out what medium works for what you are trying to say is very interesting - I can see you had fun with today's painting!

  2. This is such a playful painting.. ! I know your gonna make it to the end.!
    You go girl !!!!



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