Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 22- Squeaking By

Gold Arch
Collage, 5.5 X 4.25

It was a rough day with nothing working out as I had hoped it would. I was ready to give up on a posting for today and went into my studio to tidy up. I came across an unfinished collage that I started for an entry into an up coming art show. All it needed was a recognizable object in it to qualify for the Small World category.  I decided to find a bird to fly into my strange little composition. So here it is. I guess, when in doubt, put a bird in it! I hope things go better for the rest of the Challenge; 8 days and 8 paintings left!


  1. You know your gonna make it... I have faith in you... !!!
    Next time I hope to join in too...
    Colors here are really good... and do I see some kind of gold in there?
    No matter whatever it is ... it works...



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