Saturday, April 18, 2015

Collage On a Paper Bag

Paper Bag Collage 1
13 3/4 X 11

I love watching Laura Lein-Svencner's videos she posts on You-tube. I watched one where she cut apart a Trader Joe shopping bag and collaged on the unprinted inside. I happened to have a bag and decided to try it myself. You have to be careful to have nice straight edges if you want your margins to look good. Otherwise, the process is the same with coating the bag with gloss medium and using a tack iron to fuse the papers to the bag. If I wish to display it, I'll need to float it in a frame. For now it's an unframed piece. 


  1. I did this with my collage students last year...It is a fun COLLAGE lesson!
    Thanks for sharing = )

  2. I really like this one, too! It really draws me in.



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