Friday, April 17, 2015

Collage Workshop

Collage Bouquet
Mixed Media, 16 X 20

This past week end I took a workshop from a Delaware artist, Tara Funk Grim. She's an accomplished painter and collagist. She begins her collages with a light tissue paper background and adds colored tissue and other papers as she goes, using gloss medium to seal the papers to the substrate. This is different from what I've been doing with the hot iron, it is a more traditional collage. After the papers are fixed and dry she starts painting out with acrylic the areas she doesn't like and cleans up the edges of the torn papers. She will also add more papers if needed.  Her work is amazing, go to her web site at 
Be sure to click on my image to get an enlargement so you can see all the "stuff" in there. 

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