Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 30 Day Challenge, Day 11

New Beginnings 1
Mixed media collage, 7 X 7

I'm working in colors that I don't usually use in my New Beginnings Series. Browns and oranges are not colors that I use in clothing or home decorating. That is what a new beginning is to me; trying something new and different. I'm not quite comfortable with it yet, a little tentative and unsure with using these alien colors. I will keep trying to push through my usual preferences and go for something outside of my box.


  1. I really appreciate your collage pieces. I found you as a fellow artist in the 30 day challenge. It is fun to work in a new way, I'm doing those little mixed media pieces too. Ours are very different, but as an old art teacher of mine used to say, "I really like yours, wish I'd have painted them!"

  2. Everyday I think this is my favorite, and then I see the next. Awesome!



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