Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Second Workshop Painting

Two Pears 7 1/2" x 11"
In this painting we used what we learned about mingling colors. The pears were painted first using a yellow as the first color and then adding the appropriate colors while still wet. As long as the paper is wet you can add and blend the colors until you get what you want. The blemishes on the pears were added last with thick paint while there was still some dampness. Since the paint was applied without much water it didn't make a back-run or blossom. That was really a revelation to me. The back ground was made by stamping gold acrylic gesso liberally with a rubber stamp. After this was dry, we applied fairly thick paint the consistency of heavy cream in alternating shades of red and mineral violet for the really dark. These mingled together and I think made a really nice effect. When that was dry we could go back with a slightly damp paper towel and rub over the gold to reveal it's shine. We also added the shadows of the pears.

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