Friday, November 26, 2010

Workshop, Third Day

Bowl of Cherries 15x11
I haven't finished the painting for the second day so I'm skipping to the third day painting which I just completed. I've always looked at crystal bowl paintings as just too detailed for me but once I got into it I must admit, I got hooked. It's amazing that just with leaving white in the right places you give the illusion of sparkling glass. I think I may have to try this again with my own set up.
The background was done the same way as in the previous pear painting except that this time I used silver gesso to stamp on the background with added dark greens. I think I would be less heavy handed with the silver next time around.
A special thanks goes to Anne Abgott who was so generous with her time and supplies during our workshop. You can find her at

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  1. And these last 2 are really good.. Love the way you use color.. Hope your enjoying your days back in Florida...



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