Sunday, November 21, 2010

Workshop with Ann Abgott

Our first lesson with Ann Abgott was to learn her method for putting down color. She prefers to mingle her colors on the paper instead of premixing them in the palette. This gives a very nice, lively affect especially with shadow shapes as this painting shows. We worked on 300# Arches paper with wet puddles of paint which, when applied to the paper mingled in quite a beautiful way. I could go into this painting and darken the shadows and define the man and bench more clearly but since this was an exercise in mingling the colors I think I shall leave it as it is. I think I will incorporate this technique into my paintings from now on. More of what we did in the workshop will follow later. Wouldn't it be fun to paint a turkey this way?

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  1. Oh if this isn't good I don't know what is.. Honestly you've captured it all . Color. movement , form.. I just love this technique but wouldn't know where to start...



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