Monday, January 05, 2015

JOY! 30 in 30 Challenge, Day 5


Acrylic and Alcohol Ink on Yupo
9 X 10

One of my goals for this year was to put more figures in my paintings. I had to let go of the need for perfect proportion, face my fears and just do it. Letting go brings joy, fun returns to the process. I think I had more fun with this than I have had with painting for a long time. It started as an early attempt at alcohol ink on yupo that I cut in two and started layering acrylic on top. I stamped and removed paint so that the colors underneath peeked through. I put in a figure shape and painted around it. I used a stencil for the rays and for the pattern on the skirt. 


  1. Now this is really wonderful to see--and to read. I love that you are breaking through on your wish to paint figures. I am in a similar space...I'm creeping towards painting them again...enjoy the challenge!

  2. This is fabulous Jo. I have a similar goal to get better at portraits now I have my pet portrait side building. I forget who I've invited, but feel free to post your paintings for the 30 days on my blog. I'm having an ART PARTY with voting and prizes for artists and non artists. www. paintamasterpiece.blogspot .com

  3. Hi Jan, although I'm not in the challenge with you this time, I'm enjoying your work .. your previous post , excellent!
    And this one too... I have friends in from Biloxi until Thursday, so my time is really taken up.. after that ,, it's all systems go. I'm happy with the progress of the Etsy so far, well good luck . I'm checking up on you .

  4. I like your paintings using inks and acrylics on Yupo! It's so good to connect with another 30 in 30 artist who is trying to hang loose!

  5. I'm also happy to see that my comment is here and posted.. The last few times I commented to you and a few others .. it comes back to me as a 'failure to send'
    But now I can see that it gets here alright..
    Good ! because I am keeping tabs on you and your work....
    Keep it up... you can do it ...



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