Monday, January 06, 2014

Day 6 Lace

Collage, 6 X 6

I found the word Lace in my packet of small pieces so I decided to try to incorporate that plus some of the lacy papers that I had prepared. I also wanted to try an substrate that was not white but painted a tan color. It wasn't until I got the photo on my computer that realized that I had a big Z. Oh well, not every attempt is going to be a winner! It's a learning experience. I was going for a cruciform with the red lace but the black just takes over. I may have to play with some acrylics to modify that. If I come up with something I like, I'll re-post it. 

P.S. After fooling around with it I decided the best solution was to crop off the offending black on the top and bottom. I like the image below better.

Collage, 3 X 4

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