Thursday, January 09, 2014

Day 9, Funky Bird

Funky Bird
Collage on paper, 4 X 6

I took all my scraps of collage paper and arranged them on my substrate. I fused them together with the iron and let them cool. Then I came in with acrylic and painted around a bird shape free hand. When that dried I added the  stamping and a little ink. The legs are a little off, that's why I named it Funky Bird. It's fun to do something off beat now and then. 


  1. I love this bird! How do you fuse your paper with an iron? I am very curious about that. I love the composition and colors in this piece!

    1. The papers and substrate are all coated with gloss medium.. The papers are arranged into the collage then I put a sheet of release paper on top and the coated papers get fused together with a 350 degree iron. The release paper keeps the coated papers from sticking to the iron. It's explained in a book by Jonathan Talbot which can be found at



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