Friday, January 08, 2016

Day 8, Cool In Blue

Cool In Blue
Collage, 6 X 6

The swirly blue paper is a copy of some paper that a friend brought to me from Italy. I can't bear to tear it up so I copied it on my printer so that I would feel OK using it. The green corners are altered magazine pages, the solid blue is painted and glazed tissue and the script is printed tissue paper, another favorite.
Thanks to everyone who has made comments on my earlier posts. They are appreciated!


  1. Jan I would hesitate to use it too. I've done the same thing... copy a paper becausecI can't bear to use it.
    Hey thanks for the visit... I'll let you know how things go. In the meantime a prayer would help.

  2. I love your collages. This one has also a great title!



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